Monday, June 14, 2010

...Guess What?...

Maybe you are wondering, “ Shy is very good. She updates her blog everyday”. 

( I told you, maybe. If you don’t think like that, it doesn’t matter. )

Now I’m telling you these : I’m not an active blogger and even not good in blogging.

I just feel so bored as I want to do something to spend my free time.

I do go to classes, and I do make revision. But with only two subjects that I’m taking right now, I just feel want to do something else rather than keeping my eyes on the books.

Oh God, I know I’m not a good student, but I do need time to relax and rest. Readers, you can understand me right? >.<

When this feeling comes, I switch on my laptop and start blogwalking…

And one of my favourite blog, is ‘kereta mayat’ by Mr. Hamka! I enjoy reading his writing about life and his opinion on some issues. You can read it too!

( Oh, please don’t sulk with me. You are all great bloggers and readers. I just don’t want to make you cry if I mention and praise your blog here…)

Now, I lost my words. I better stop now.

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