Friday, June 11, 2010

Shyness in Islam

Before I start, here is a question for you to answer.
Do you have a feeling of shyness?
I am sure that you do.

Shyness is a decent manner that leads a Muslim to perform good deeds. It is the best manner and the most favored one by Allah. It also leads to every good deed.

Al-Mawardi says: Shyness in a human being has three forms; being shy of Allah, being shy of people and a human being must be shy of himself.

Being shy to Allah

Being shy to Allah is a way to enforce any form of obedience and away from all forms of disobedience. Simple and easy, if we fear to be reproached by Him, surely we will not refuse to obey all His regulations and avoid His anger. That is why shyness is said as a part of faith. By having the feeling of shyness and realization in our heart that He is The Only Creator; who creates all beings in world, we will not do things unlike by Him.

Being shy to human beings

Being shy to human beings is a part shyness which a child should has to his parents, a woman to men, and so on. For example, we should lower our voice when talking to our parents and older people, cover our aurah from ajnabi, respect others and etc.

Being shy of own self

Being shy of own self is one form of humiliation felt by the soul in a respectable, high and noble. It is like in the body of that person, there are two souls; one feels ashamed to the each other.

This type of shyness is the most perfect because if we alone are so embarrassed to ourselves, we will feel more of it to other people.

*   *   *

Life is not worth living for if shyness is gone.

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