Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...I told a lie today...

I told a lie today
And it curled up inside me
Like a steel hard spring.
It was quite a clever lie –
No one guessed the truth.
They believed me ;

But I’ve carried the twist of it
at the centre of my body, all day,
and I think it’s expanding
filling me up,
making my eyes red.

Perhaps it’s going to uncoil suddenly
and burst me open
showing everyone what I’m really like
I think I had a better confess
Before I’m completely unwound.

- Robbin Mellor -

*   *   *

Oh! It's only a poem. Seriously, i didn't told a lie today.
God Willing, i won't  lie forever.

There is Arabic saying about this :
' Say the truth even it is hard '
( I'm just guessing the meaning )

You know, there is no 'white lie' in Islam.
So please, don't lie.
( A reminder to myself and you)

*   *   *

Remember Pinnochio?


dewdrop said...

i think this post is comel la. hehe
good message btw!

oh n u are a good blogger :)

shy said...

oh didi..
first time sy dipuji..
anyway, thanx..

tp ble tgk balik, xrase pun comel ke ape..
didi punye lg comel..
sentimantal lg..