Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Para' means unusual or abnormal. 'Philia' means love. So, paraphilia means unusual way of achieving sexual pleasure. I would list down some of them.

Having sexual relationship with animal. The person is called zoophile.

Having sexual relationship with kids; paedophile. 

Wearing the attires of opposite sex; transvestite. 

Having sexual relationship with corpse; necrophile.

Using the feces as a sexual stimulator; coprophile.

Torturing the couple for sexual stimulation; sadist.

Being tortured by the couple for sexual stimulation; masochist.
Usually, a sadist will pair with a masochist. There is also a group called sadomasochists in which they love both (to torture and to be tortured).

Peeping other people for sexual stimulation; voyeurist. 

Showing body or private part or his/her sex action for sexual stimulation; exhibitionist/nudist. (flasher)
Sometimes, a voyeurist will pair with an exhibitionist.

Rubbing his/her body or private part to other people bodies usually in public area such as in the bus for sexual stimulation; frotteurist.

Using an object or specific part of the body (high-heel shoes, legs, lingeries) as a sexual stimulator; fetishist.

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Are you normal? =P

Credit goes to faizshinobi

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Daniel said...

Thank you so much for sharing it. that's amazing!!
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